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andy andrew taylor 
born 16 february, 1961 
newcastle, england 
5'9" / blue eyes / brown hair 

siblings: ? (oldest of four children) 
parents: sandra and ronnie 

wife: tracey wilson 
children: andrew james taylor, two other children (?) 

attended: ? 

instruments: lead and rhythm guitar

andrew taylor was born to sandra and ronnie taylor on 16 february, 1961 at tynemouth royal infirmary. 

his father was a fisherman, but switched to carpentry. his family home had an outside toilet and a tin bath. his parents divorced when he was eleven. 

his father encouraged him to take guitar lessons. when he was five, he bought andy a guitar for christmas. andy started taking lessons at 1 per session from a jazz guitarist across the street named dave black. around the age of eleven, he really started getting interested in it. 

at 15 he left school and pursued a music career. he went from band to band, playing about 600 gigs before he joined duran duran, which were everywhere from military bases to strip clubs. 

tracey was the band's hairdresser, which is how she met andy. on his 21st birthday, he proposed to her. she was ill in bed and later accepted the proposal. they married in july of 1982 in california during a tour. john was their best man. john, roger, and the berrows paid for the wedding. 

colours: black and white 
food: chinese