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nick nicholas james bates 
born 8 june, 1962 
birmingham, england 
5'9" / hazel eyes / brown hair 

siblings: none 
parents: sylvia and roger 

(ex) wife: julie anne friedman 
children: tatjana leigh orchid rhodes 

attended: silvermead junior school, woodrush high schol. 

instruments: synthesiser. also can play piano and guitar.

nicholas james bates was born to sylvia and roger bates on 8 june, 1962 in their house. 

nick has always been very talkative and always asked questions, and always wanted to know what was going on. at the age of ten, he announced to his parents that he wanted to be a pop star after seeing gary glitter on television. 

nick's art teacher, mr. hart, was also very aware of nick's ambitions and saw him as a very artistic person. 

nick also started dying his hair various colours. he dyed his hair blonde first when he was younger, then later dyed it orange, then blonde, purple, and back to blonde. he met john through a mutual friend and the two became the best of friends. and of course, down the road, the two eventually formed a band. 

nick claims to have met julie anne on a boat whilst roxy music's avalon was playing. after dating for about two years, the two wed in 1984. after ten years of marriage, they separated and later divorced in 1994. the two had a child in 1986, tatjana. nick dated madeleine around the time his divorce became final. the two broke up in late 1999. nick has also briefly dated tara parker-tomkinson and lady victoria hervey. 

colours: black, red, and white. 
foods: strawberries and steak. (but not together!)