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roger roger andrew taylor 
born 26 april, 1960 
birmingham, england 
5'9" / brown eyes / black hair 

siblings: steve 
parents: jean and hughie 

wife: giovanni 
children: (?) 

attended: castle bromwich junior school, park high school. 

instruments: drums and percussion. can also play harmonica and guitar.

roger andrew taylor was born to jean and hughie taylor on 26 april, 1960 at heathville hospital. he weighed eight pounds and nine ounces. 

roger went to castle bromwich and never gave the school any problems, as well as at park. after completeting five o levels, he left school, not wanting to pursue his education further. 

he started playing drums at fifteen. in fact, he sold his boat for 60 to buy his first set of drums. his parents couldn't see the need for drums and tried to discourage him from doing so. 

roger then started playing in bands like crucified toad and the scent organs. then, he went to join duran duran. his parents were upset, and told him they were disappointed in him. he went home one day to tell his parents about a gig they were playing at. jean went with some workmates but hughie refused to go. jean was astonished that her son had accomplished his goal.

colours: blue and black 
food: mushrooms and mcdonald's