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simon simon john charles le bon
born 27 october, 1958
pinner, england

6'2" / blue eyes / brown hair

siblings: jonathan and david
parents: anne and john

wife: yasmin parvenah
children: amber rose, saffron sahara, tallulah pine
(25/8/89, 25/8/90, 10/9/94)

attended: west lodge junior, pinner grammar school, harrow art college, birmingham university.

instruments: vocals. also can play guitar, tambourine, harmonica, and pan flute.

simon john charles le bon was born to anne and john le bon on 27 october, 1958 at bushey maternity hospital. he weighed seven pounds and 12 ounces. he is a descendent of the huguenots.

simon showed an interest in poetry and the arts at a very early age and could quote lines at the age of 2. at the age of five he began taking acting lessons and vocal training from his mother, who was an opera vocal coach. he was in the infamous persil ad, the "before," or the dirty child.

a soprano, simon was urged to give up singing by his mother, who feared he could damage his voice singing so high whilst his voice was changing.

he attended pinner grammar school, where elton john had previously attended. his favourite subjects became art, music, and drama. he drew a lot and many of his drawings made it into the school magazine, quill.

simon's first band was a punk group called dog days, when he was 17. simon spent time in isreal and later went to study drama at birmingham university. his girlfriend, fiona kemp, was a bartender at a club called the rum runner and overheard a band called duran duran talking about their need for a lead singer. she gave john simon's number, and the rest, as they say, is history...

simon met yasmin while looking through a book of pictures of models. their first date, a blind date, was to the premiere of an indiana jones movie. after a short time dating, the two wed and had three children: amber, saffron, and tallulah.

colour: blue