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air miles
i'm leaving home (i'm leaving home) 
i'm going home (i'm going home) 
i'm leaving the fire (i'm going home) 
i'm going home (i'm leaving the fire) 
i'm leaving the cold (i'm leaving the finery) 
i'm leaving the finery (i'm leaving the cold) 
i'm going home (where it's warm) 
to where it's warm (i'm going home) 
a connection made what direction 
is this taking off make motion sickness 
i'm leaving home 
i'm going home 
i'm leaving the love 
my heart's lost desire 
my tickets arriving 
feels like i'm flying 
atlantic crossing and it's time to be leaving 
one last time god give me one last time give me 
one last shot at it and i'll be no more miller's man 
then there'll be no more lying 
no more screaming and crying 
no more groping to feed off the wide open spaces 
when you get up 
don't know myself anymore 
who was i last time i'm just an airline ticket to an 
out of town place i'm a slice of americana lying under dust 
you mean you don't have any answers you say 
you're swimming upstream too 
you try to find some identity just by running the race 
a connection made what direction is this taking off 
makes motion sickness when you get up