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makes my head stand up on end
something alien happening
synchronise but don't comprehend
cuz where i stop that's where you begin

i know the moment, i commit
a pleasure rising when i take the hit
and i'm addicted to state you're in
cuz you're getting me out of it

there's nothing gonna ace this
and we're gonna go to space kid
cuz i'm leaving with an astronaut

grooving out to x-ray spex
something tells me you're the alien sex
i can't imagine now what comes next
when this astronaut connects

coming on when i touch your skin
a kind of strange light you emit
i feel your gravity pull me in
now you're getting me out of it

barefeet for quantum leap
because space is hard and deep
and we follow giant footprints as we fall in
falling like the twins through saturn's holy rings
and if they can't hold us
where it's gonna end up
anybody knows

an astronaut
an astronaut

boop boop boop boop boop boop