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gamble everything on the feeling 
you'll win every time 
you'll find that charanga leaves you 
reeling like a case of wine 

we'll dance charanga all day time 
and night time 
we'll dance charanga the rest of our lives 

ay charanga dance the night away 
ay charanga come on yeah 

throw your caution into the wind and let it fly 
come on let your worries all disappear 
take a chance and let the wheel spin 
let your bet ride 
don't you wish the night would 
go on for years 

come dance the charanga, yeah now 
a little bit closer 
let's groove on this all-night party 
as much as the law allows 

do something that'll make her 
feel real good 
say something that'll make her smile 
say something that'll make you understood 
do something with a little style 

girl you're such a sexy thing 
ooh you make my spirit sing 
and your close proximity 
ih it has affected me 
i can feel this rhythm swing 
with no encouraging 
and your sensuality 
mmm - it overpowers me