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1996-2016 khanada rhodes

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i can take you all right now 
kick the shit tomorrow too 
i know what you make me say 
i know what you make me do 
tired of being pushed around 
by a chemical like you 
doesn't matter who you use 
dope is what dopers do 

pick 'em up and throw 'em down 
you're a source of revenue 
pulverise and snort you up 
turn all kinds of shades of blue 
i could give you all my dough 
i could lose my life to you 
swallow, shoot, inhale or chew 
dope is what dopers do 

i could use another hit 
anything you've got'll do 
i can take you unrefined 
i can take you cut in two 

you give me a one track mind 
maybe you could make that two 
i seem to be out of cash 
let's make that an i.o.u. 
vanish in a cloud of smoke 
disappear up a tube 
doping is a dopers does 
doping is what dopers do