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drive by
it was the hottest day in july 
and all along santa monica boulevard 
cars were stood still 
and a gleaming metal tube 
would stretch all the way from the highlands 
back to la brea. 
and she met under los angeles sunshine 

young man was sitting at the wheel 
on his way to make a pickup 
turned off the air-con 
rolled down the window 
and began to sweat 

out over the hollywood hills 
he saw the clouds building 
like great dark towers of rain 
ready to come tumbling down 
any day now 
not a day too soon 

(any day now) 

and as the music drifted in 
from other cars 
his eyes started to slip 
this is the story of his dream 


(sing blue silver, sing sing blue silver) 

this is the story of his dream...