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just forget me try to forget we ever met 
leave that memory right there on the shelf 
pick it up and use it later on 
when you've forgot just what we had 
deny me leave me in the corner marked refuse 
and i'll try to deny you not surprise you 
you won't be seeing me in your drugstore i'll stay away 
you'll find another lover to keep you in the style you so deserve 
and that would take me out of the equation 
i'll even bring a friend along if you need some more persuading 

gabe you'll see a side of me that's like the other men 
i'm just restless caught up in the mood of my times 
trying to reach right through the fog 
walking forward into i know not what 
but then that's true for everyone 

don't try me when i've made my mind up 
i'm a prick i had to see if we could fit 
don't want to anymore 
gabe you'll see a side of me that's like the other men