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getting intimate
so i met you, you met me 
our friends were not surprised 
"we thought you knew each other" 
they laid it on 
it seemed like such a, it seemed like such a good idea us 
getting into it, getting intimate 

spend so much time together we start to think the same 
like the same place the same game 
all this despite the fact that i'm still involved 
it's not resolved 
but you, you, you got faith, you got hope, you reckon 
we deserve another chance 
who am i to argue with thee 
i'll soon be free 
we're getting into, we're getting intimate 
getting intimate the right way the only way 

we holiday in hawaii like some kind of brady bunch 
having such a good time i'm thinking 
i'm thinking of things i can do to sabatoge 
to screw it up with you 
but the bombs don't explode, like a suicide 
she's just not temperamental 
when the road gets narrower, so do we 

i wanna know is your heart beating stronger 
i wanna know can you wait any longer 
i wanna know, i can't wait any longer 

i'm sick of my suitcase so we make up our minds 
i move in with her, i'll be a stepfather 
shoulder to shoulder our prada and gucci 
i'm starting to feel like stanley tucci (on a midsummer night) 
we're getting into it, we're closing the exits 
commitment's the thing for this little baby 
who am i to complain, i love the lady and the lady loves me 
getting into it, we're getting intimate 
we're getting intimate the right way 
the only way that we know how 

put your finger in the ring and don't look back!