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1996-2016 khanada rhodes

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(oh, medazzaland) 
i have a problem, they said they can solve 
soon i won't speak 
i have no words left in me 
i dream in pictures 
but the sound is muted 
i have no way to understand what they say 
(into medazzaland) 
people are starting to talk 
but i don't hear them anymore 
now i can't see 
but i am still able to think 
do i have any feeling left? 
what are they saying about me? 
do they really understand what's wrong? 
i feel their hands on my skin 
the time has come for them to begin 
i'm sinking deeper and deeper 
into medazzaland 
i can feel the scalpel on my skin 
it's cutting in 
deeper and deeper 
i'm in medazzaland 
(oh medazzaland)