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the flame
(vengo de la tierra del fuego
ten cuidado cuando llamas mi nombre)
i could feel the breeze blowing change 
blowing through my doorway 
warm and restless just as you walked by 
inside of smoky halls a circle drawn 
and voices call 
to raise some magic wind in my world 
strange coincidence each time you look my way 
this sinking feeling scares me 
know my weakness call it deja vu 
never put my trust in fate 
surprises do arrive so late 
why should i be surprised by you 

straight to the heart 
straight for this precious shining 
how do you dare step into my flame 
one from the heart, one for this precious shining 
how can you steal my flame 

sometimes cards are drawn and the tables turn 
the waiting game is over 
take this dealers hand and steal away the dawn 
don't give me any chance to wander back from this 
don't give me any chances at all