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the panhandler
i've got nothing to say, but you can pay me anyway 
food for my family, i've still got bills to pay 
and they won't go away 
i've lost control of my mind, it keeps me in time 
is this my time on the breadline, how did i get here 
at the corner of this freeway, on the edge of this city 
there's no time to wonder... 
if i don't get paid for nothing, i'll die for lack of something 
and what did i hear 
(are) you expecting some philosophy 
for a quarter's worth of beer 
you'll feel better, cuz that's why i'm here... 

i walk into the morning with no fear for the future 
and you won't catch me inside, cuz i'm legitimate 
and i give a damn 
i'm gonna sit on your street, and act real meek 
you act like you know me, how did i get here 
on the corner of third street in the shelter of this bookstore 
i want you all here! so you know i'm not pretending 
i've a halfway act for real, you'll feel better 
if it's bitter then it's easy, it's harder to be joyful... 
you'll feel better, cuz that's why i'm here...