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all text on this page is original, courtesy of moi, mich, ME! all photos belong to their original copyright holder. this site first saw the light of day in 1996. but it was a u2 site. it evolved many, many times, sometimes featuring other artists as well...sometimes as many as 20 subsites being run. u2 eventually got their own domain (intotheheart.com) and i grew tired with it. a few mouseclicks and html docs later, duran.intotheheart.com was born! i'm more proud of this site cuz it's all me. the u2 one was dangerously similar to another better site. it's now grown to a full-fledged duranie site, even being listed on yahoo.

all lyrics definitely belong to the original author, be it simon, john, whoever wrote it! the pictures i lovingly stole from 100s of sites. no copyright notice? i gladly swipe it. ;) but the text is all me. discographies were typed painstakingly, taking months to complete, looking through my catalogue and various text discographies; not to mention scanning and finding pictures! any submissions are welcome. you will be credited! but for now...