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well, let's see. first off, we have the site's name: eventide 4.2. what does this mean? let's take it apart. eventide, this comes from the song new moon on monday. (you know..."with your dance on the eventide...") then we have 4.2 which is for how many incarnations my site has been through. here we go...
1: half-assed u2 site
2: tribute to many, many bands
3: full-fledged u2 site
4: full-fleged duran duran site

1: maximum big surprise!
2: eventide

now that that's settled, khanada rhodes, my moniker. it's not that i don't want to reveal my real name, i just like the anonymity of it. of course, khanada comes from the song, and rhodes from saint nick himself. why rhodes? i was registering for the forums @ dd.com and khanada had been taken...at the time, john wasn't in the band, so nick was my favourite current member...and besides, khanada rhodes sounds better than khanada taylor.