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if you're here to prove to someone that duran duran is a serious band, this is not the place. this is not a place to slam duran duran, mind you, but more of a site with seriousness and joking mixed together. 
verdana is the only font i've used on this site. if you don't have this font...ugh, you must have an archaic computer! 
this site was created on my macbook pro 2.7 ghz intel core i5 processor, 8 gb of ram, 120 gb hard drive, plus 2 tb external hard drive. my monitor resolution is 2560 x 1600.
however, this site has been created to try to look its best on any computer, with any browser. if it looks truly horrible on your computer, please mail me and tell me the problem. however, if you're using netscape 1.x or something, don't blame me that your browser doesn't support tables! (and if you are, mail me the program cuz i'd love to see how it looks...i came in at the tail end of mie and netscape's 2.x run.)