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25.11.15: updated code and stuff. deleted really old stuff (e.g. chat page, u2 section).
11.9.15: added lyrics for paper gods album.
21.03.11: added lyrics for physical release of all you need is now.
21.12.10: added lyrics for all you need is now album.
26.07.09: updated code.
16.2.07: updated vinyl section.
1.8.05: another major overhaul. updated astronaut page, added lyrics to silent icy river, and updated main page.

21.1.04: major overhaul; fixed all broken links.
9.5.02: added u2 section.
14.3.02: updated index page and author's bio page.
26.2.02: added more links.
20.2.02: updated author's pictures.
19.2.02: updated cd collection.
12.2.02: added links.
8.1.02: updated latest page; created archive for previous latest installments.
6.1.02: fixed some bad links. (ugh) ... also changed layout of my biography page.
1.1.02: uploaded new layout for site.
30.12.01: finished work on new layout for site.
27.12.01: started work on new layout for site.
26.12.01: added new cds to collection; changed copyright years to 1996-2002 (per impending year change). also added copyright years to every page.
12.12.01: changed background colours and fixed some typos.
11.12.01: updates page started. (for entire site)