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here's some duran duran pics for your enjoyment. the captions can be seen by mousing over the pic. make sense? thank god, cuz i don't know what i'm talking about here. for most of these, they're simply thumbnails. click on the pic to see it full size.

early duran duran - nick looks kinda...stoned?andy: i hope no one realizes i'm wearing half a shirt!promo pic from 1982promo pic from 1983
andy from 1981from andy's weddingnick prepares for his star wars movie, and simon holds...a hot glue gun??nick: omigod, i hope no one notices this is me holding this damn thingi swear that does not look like roger.
promo for arcadiaso red the rose - haha!duran duran from australiasimon looks for john's lost contact lens...john: how did i end up with these weirdos?
i'm not even gonna go there!...who knows what the hell he's doing.john: i'm the only one who looks decent in my hat!i wonder if nick and andy owned stock in peroxide and hair spray?nick looks stoned again!
early early duran duran promo pictureit seems as though simon is oblivious that the band is laughing at him.it now seems nick and john own the stock in hairspray.
nick: why does simon always get to use the chains?don't look behind you, but there's a bunch of...ferns!nick: get off me, simon!duran duran hanging out at the rum runner.
and the trees and the leaves...andy tries to hide behind nickbut they make pastels look so damn good...is there anyone else outside?
i was tempted by the devil in his deep blue swimming pool...is andy holding up two fingers or one?banging on a big thing...

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