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question: where is power station's living in fear?
answer: i don't own those albums! if i don't own them, i can't review them can i? be patient. however if you're dying to see me review the album, send me money and i'll go buy it and review it! k?
duran duran duran duran
june 1981
given that this was their first album, their ages, and experience, i would say this is a good album. it's obvious that they were more than just a little influenced by disco. gotta love the cheesy 80's cover art, stills from their "careless memories" video!
stand outs: planet earth, to the shore, sound of thunder.
rio rio
may 1982
what can i say? this is such a cool duran duran album! certainly not the sophomore slump. this album, like they said, is where they found their identity and is more of their sound, their proper debut album, if you will.
stand outs: rio, new religion, save a prayer.
carnival (america) carnival
well, this was more of a series of eps, but carnival is always overlooked by sites...perhaps nobody owns it? i own all three versions (nooo, i'm not obsessed, really!) so i figured i'd take the initiative. some songs were made better, some worse. all are remixes so if you're into that kinda stuff, this is a good album to check out. there is a double-edged sword though. each version contains different songs. holland | america | japan
stand outs: girls on film (night version), planet earth (night version), new religion (night version).
duran duran (re-issue) duran duran (re-release)
april 1983
this is just a re-release of their first album. the only differences are the cover and inner art, the exclusion of "to the shore," and the inclusion of the new "is there something i should know."
seven and the ragged tiger seven and the ragged tiger
november 1983
this is such a cool album. it's my favourite album of theirs, hands down. they mix it up a bit, goes from poppy ("the reflex") to rock ("of crime and passion").
stand outs: new moon on monday, (i'm looking for) cracks in the pavement, tiger tiger.
arena arena
november 1984
their first and only live album. filled with some interesting choices in songs, if you ask me. i guess they picked their favourite ones. however, there were some from the video i would've picked ("rio" over "the chauffeur," for example).
stand outs: is there something i should know, new religion, union of the snake.
the power station the power station
march 1985
i think this was a radical departure from duran duran's sound. this showed that andy and john really knew how to rock, and as john and simon have said, it introduced robert palmer to most of the world (he'd been a less popular artist since the 1970's) and it also sold a hell of a lot.
stand outs: some like it hot, communication, get it on (bang a gong).
so red the rose so red the rose
november 1985
out of the two side groups, this is the one i prefer. featuring simon, nick, and roger from the original five, it's more of a moody and esoteric album. it features great guest artists like grace jones (the female singer in "election day"), and sting and herbie hancock (guest bassists and guitarists on "the promise").
stand outs: election day, keep me in the dark, lady ice.
notorious notorious
november 1986
this is a funky mutha of an album! well, for duran duran at least. produced by nile rodgers (who turned "the reflex" from an okay song into a #1!), and marking the first album without the "fab five." although, andy taylor does play guitar on a couple of the songs. it also marks the first time they used warren cuccurullo, who would later join the band.
stand outs: notorious, vertigo (do the demolition), so misled.
thunder thunder
this was andy taylor's first solo album, and the only one to be officially released in america. if you're thinking he'll make a duran duran album, you're sorely mistaken. this is a rock album.
stand outs: i might lie, don't let me die young, life goes on.
big thing big thing
october 1988
this kind of marked a slight change in duran duran's sound. this album was more experimental, and unfortunately less successful. (side note: it also marked the period when john was in his heaviest drug period.) stand outs: too late marlene, do you believe in shame, palomino.
decade decade
june 1989
their first of two greatest hits albums. sadly, new moon on monday does not surface on here due to the fact that they hated the song at the time. this is almost not a greatest hits album at all, given that it has almost every single they'd released at the time with the exception of five.
stand outs: is there something i should know, the reflex, a view to a kill.
dangerous dangerous
this is andy's second and last solo album, only released in the uk. this is a collection of covers (five years ahead of duran duran!) that i suppose influenced andy. musically along the same vein as thunder. definitely worth a listen.
stand outs: don't believe a word, lola, sympathy for the devil.
liberty liberty
august 1990
this album is definitely their least successful and least favourite among fans, including myself. there are a couple okay songs on here, but while listening to some liberty demos, i can't help but wonder why those songs were excluded and these songs were included. i mean, wtf! it's definitely their weakest album, and what's up with having sterling campbell in the line-up?
stand outs: violence of summer (love's taking over), serious, my antarctica.
the wedding album the wedding album
february 1993
this is their most successful album to date. yay! this is their one album where they most effectively capitalized on a popular sound. with the re-emergence of 80's-type music into the mainstream, they released the most grown-up album ever. 
stand outs: ordinary world, love voodoo, femme fatale.
thank you thank you
march 1995
this is an album consisting of covers, like public enemy, to lou reed. i've heard all the originals, and i must say that duran duran covered these songs pretty well. i like what lou reed said about their cover or perfect day, that it sounded how he would've wanted it to, better than his version. i think that's the best compliment one can receive for a cover song. they also cover their original song, the chauffeur (drive by). also includes roger taylor as a drummer on perfect day and watching the detectives. stand outs: white lines, crystal ship, drive by.
neurotic outsiders neurotic outsiders
what do you get when you combine a duran, a sex pistol, and two gnr's? the neurotic outsiders! an unlikely mix of 70's punk, 80's new wave, and 90's grunge, all three sound types come out in this album. aside from the vulgar language, off-putting to some (not me! that's what the advisory is for!) it's still worth a listen. if anything, to hear the alternate versions for always wrong and feelings are good.
stand outs: always wrong, better way, janie jones.
feelings are good and other lies feelings are good and other lies
march 1996
this is such a great album. having rarely heard john's voice (i do what i do), it was cool getting to hear him sing, and see his incredible songwriting capabilities. this is such a raw album, you can listen to every song and go, "man, i know exactly what he was going through when he wrote this." i love songwriters like that.
stand outs: everyone is getting it but me, losing you, hole in the mud.
medazzaland medazzaland
october 1997
this is the first duran duran line-up where the band is taylor-less. john taylor, of course, left during the recording of this album. although, he still appears on the songs medazzaland, big bang generation, be my icon, and so long suicide. this is a more electronic album as compared to their past albums, but it's really good.
stand outs: who do you think you are, be my icon, ball and chain.
terroristen terroristen
may 1998
this is a cool album. recorded on may 30th after a gig, terroristen was another side band of john's. the album features a few duran duran covers (all songs written by john), as well as a roxy music cover. every song sounds original and has a great beat to it.
stand outs: hey day, just another high, planet earth/good times.
greatest greatest
november 1998
this is their second greatest hits album. however, this is one is of course more complete. while not only including their newer material, it also includes (yay!) new moon on monday. i love that song and i'm glad they love it too now. even before this one was released, i always thought decade seemed more incomplete and cold. just like, they had someone throw the songs together. this one includes single mixes for some of the songs, which i think kinda mixes it up a little.
stand outs: save a prayer, new moon on monday, serious.


this cd is very techno, and sounds totally different from feelings are good. it was recorded in 1992 around the time the band finished completion of the wedding album, but just now saw the light of day.
stand outs: 21st century teenager, soul fire, meltdown.
resume resume
this is probably the most surprising solo album of any duran duran member. the techno, yeah, dd have always had techno beats. the rock, yeah, they're punk influenced. but jazz? it's a great album. i just wish the song jazz had been on here.
stand outs: dance for freedom, music for an untitled movie 2 and 3.
live cuts live cuts
this is just a few live songs from john taylor concerts. it contains a bunch of previous stuff, and some medleys. hey, no john taylor concert is complete without a medley or two! and a roxy music cover.
stand outs: get it on, down with you, rio/some like it hot/new religion
john taylor john taylor
november 1999
this album shows john pulling another 180 music-wise. it combines soft, relaxing tunes with stuff you can dance to. the whole album meshes together beautifully to create his first official follow-up to feelings are good (his previous works were only available through his site).
stand outs: air miles, she's not there, a-anon.
pop trash

pop trash
june 2000

this is a really cool album. it's more of a different sound for duran duran, but it's really good. this is also the first album of theirs without any taylors at all. medazzaland still featured john on some tracks, although he was not a member.
stand outs: someone else not me, mars meets venus, last day on earth.
techno for two techno for two
april 2001
this isn't really a techno album, the title is really more tongue-in-cheek than serious. but there are some dance songs on here. like all other john taylor albums, this one covers all the genres successfully, not really pigeonholing the album in one slot.
stand outs: love is bondage, the other side of the sun, immortal.
rio rio
june 2001
this is just a shitty remaster of the original cd. remaster american vinyl my ass! now emi claims they're gonna remaster the vinyl version. always out for a buck...if you have the original cd, don't bother buying this one. if you don't, buy the cheapest version you can find, remastered or not.
stand outs: rio, new religion, save a prayer.