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this section contains any writings i've done, or others have done, relating to duran duran somehow. feel free to read on and browse this section. sorry for not having any fanfic, but i've not felt inclined or compelled to write any on any of the members, not even john.

please refer to the left part to navigate your way through the site. hopefully, the link titles are pretty self-explanatory, but if not...

album reviews: here i review every duran duran (and related) album i own. read: i don't own living in fear, so don't expect to see its review here.

video reviews: here i review the videos, the promos, that is. again, if i've not seen it (which i doubt), then they won't be featured here.

latest and greatest: news you can't use.

quotes: enough weird quotes to make you think duran duran are a bunch of lushes.

humour: funny things us durannies have written and posted onto various newsgroups, primarily tiger-list.