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well, there's still not too much to report in duran land, but i will attempt to say a little. warren's half-assed group missing persons...well, all that's left is warren and his hired men wes and joe. hmmm...his solo shit has been released on one-way records, which, inside sources tell me is like the bottom of the barrel...they'll release stuff no one else will. so that tells you how much people like his records! john's new record retreat into art is selling quite famously, it's limited edition and if my numbered copy says anything, they're already more than a third of the way sold out. and for a $30 box set, that's good. speaking of box sets, duran duran are supposed to have an early box set of their singles come out on emi. the band has no friggin idea when it'll come out or what exactly will be on it! it wasn't their choice, i'm sure...
emi: "hey, we're releasing your early singles again."
dd: "huh? which ones? all of them? the ones with the five of us? the..."
oh yeah, roger foiled a robbery in his store, too. who sez drummers don't rock tha hizouse?!

unfortunately, there isn't that much new news or rumours going around right now. in fact, duran duran are taking off the month of august entirely, and will resume recording in september. meanwhile, warren's half-assed group missing persons has reformed (lemme tell you, i was just heartbroken when they broke up!) and warren's new site (i won't place the link here; it's getting enough promotion already) as well as warren himself are just trashing duran duran. how lower can you get? he's talking about vibrators and waxing penises in interviews and takes time out to mention the duran duran split. now he's trying to make it sound as if he's the one who decided to leave first. with every interview i read, he's getting cockier about this than the last one. the first interview i read of him after this happened, he made it sound like he was fired and was like "so what do i do now?" now he's making it like he said, "see ya guys, i'm reforming missing persons. i dunno what you two will do."
and you know what? i'm sure he got fired. and i'm glad they finally woke up and faced the facts. they had a guitarist tarnishing their reputation. they were trying to make themselves out to be a serious band, and they've got the bald dude dropping his pants at the drop of a hat. i mean, have a little class, eh? at least simon and john said they'd need 6+ figures to pose nude, but warren? i don't think he was paid either time. and we all know that warren's "rock cock" is fake, don't we? i was unfortunate enough to come across pictures of him from playgirl and g. (i'm permanently scarred by seeing these. they're not nc-17, no one should see them, whether they're 17, 37, or 77!) for playgirl you had to squint to see it. then in g it's coming down to his knees? can you say...surgery? maybe we should ask claudia to enlighten us on this.

but i digress. every day that passes i'm looking more and more forward to the new album to come out next year. and on top of that, i'm going to go stalk the band and follow them all around europe. i'd loooove to go to australia as well to see them, but we'll have to look at money when the time comes. i don't even know how expensive it'd be to go there. i see this tour as a last big hurrah. not for the band, but for me. i'm starting college this fall, and of course once i get more into college and stuff i'll have to start getting respectable jobs, and then once you get out there into the real world and grow up, you can't do stuff like this, right? even if i could...the first time is always the best. i'd wanna see the first reunion tour, not the fourth or fifth.

previous shiznit...

rumour has it that the original duran duran are reforming! this is something we durannies have been waiting for since 1986! apparantely, this has been confirmed by warren (through cyndi glass) and john (through patty palazzo), both of whom are close friends with their respective band members and the webmaster of their official sites. (did that make sense?) basically, my point is, when information comes from these two lovely ladies, it's gotta be true! and it is! click here for more info!

while i will be sort of upset about warren leaving the band, be it temporarily or permanently, andy always had a special place in my heart. yes, andy did a lot of slagging off on duran duran for a while, but that was a long time ago. and i've read some things duran duran members said about andy. there were also legal battles, yes. and yes, there were a lot of things i didn't like about warren. i felt the fact that he posed nude a lot (well, twice that i know of) gave duran duran a bad rep (anyone seen their interview on mtv's most wanted?), and because he was still a newcomer   (compared to simon!) he wasn't there for the hey day, yet he tried to carry on like he was.

while there is no way to fairly compare the two to say who's better, because i think they have two totally different playing styles. warren's a bit more experimental, whereas andy i've always thought of to be more of a rock style. but i digress.

warren will be rejoining missing persons. never cared too much for them, but i wish warren all the best. meanwhile, i'll be wondering what this means for the new duran duran. as of late, nothing is posted on either duran's or john's sites about this. will there be a tour? a new album? both? is this a one-time thing or a permanent line-up change? what will this mean for john's solo career? for andy's? for tv mania? terroristen? i heard they will go back to playing the big arenas again. if they perform live, will they carry on like it's 1985 (in other words, the most recent song to be heard will be avtak) or will we hear newer songs (haha) like notorious or hallucinating elvis?

look in this space for details as they develop...

random babblings...

all the mindless talking i can fit on a two-sided sheet of notebook paper...

so, now it's official. duran duran are reuniting with the original members. this is not a reunion. that's when you broke up. this just means the original members are coming back to the band. a lot of people are upset and say it's the end of the band. but us duran duran nazis are glad to see the fab five are back. of course, a duran duran nazi is one who believes they'll always be taylor-taylor-taylor-rhodes-le bon. if it's not that, it isn't the real duran duran. and now warren is gone. good riddance. he may be a good guitarist, but he tried to be such a showoff. there he was, '87, '88, etc., acting like he was the center of attention, doing guitar solos, etc. before he was even a member. he joined in late '89. we get a first glimpse of him as a member in the burning the ground video, along with sterling. if warren hadn't done work like sterling did, he would've been gone, too. then he carried on like he owned the band, playing guitar when simon talked or talking about something in '82 like he was there. let warren have missing persons. they had, what, two hit songs and one hit album? their whole catalogue probably sold as much as big thing did. it may not be fair to say who's better, andy or warren, but andy certainly fits in better. at least he has hair. and andy never put 10+ year old pictures of half-naked groupies in a tour book, either. nor would he drop his pants onstage.

final thoughts (added 7.5.01)
this will only be the end of the band if duran duran let it be. just as they didn't quit when andy left, or roger, or even when the very first person quit (simon colley? andy wickett? memory fades here...) they don't have to let warren leaving and the taylors rejoining be the end. if it turns out to be a one-off thing, then it was their original intent. arcadia started off as such, and that's how it ended. duran duran are men of their word (except when it comes to release dates!) so if this is permanent then it'll mean they're back for the long haul. and oh yeah, andy would never pose nude for a men's gay magazine either. ;)