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this is where i will talk about new rumours regarding duran duran or any side projects. why not news? cuz! if you want the latest news, go here for duran duran, or here for john taylor!

well, i haven't updated this page in a long time. andy left the band...again. the only thing that's come from his camp is (imo) a really weird ranty-type letter from andy. from duran duran's camp, all we've heard is some quotes from john saying it's like a divorce, crap like that. who knows, maybe eventually we'll hear why he actually left.

we're also still waiting for the new album. who knows if this will be like notorious and they'll leave andy's guitar bits on there or if they'll remove them all. and who they'll get to take his place. at the time, there was talk of them bringing warren back. good god, i hope they don't do this. that skanky fool needs to be as far away from the band as possible. eww.

it's been a long time since i've written any updates, but that's because not much has been going on in duranland since then. they've toured, and i got to see them again!! yay!! i saw them in atlanta. i may get some of the pictures up soon, but i dunno. they still have NO label, which is outrageous. so, we're still sitting and waiting for them to get signed so hopefully we can get an album. i'm hoping they get signed soon, and that they don't try to go fuck with the album again or anything.

i can say too that some of this stuff down there isn't true anymore. but, i can say i've at least gotten a chance to hear some of the new stuff now (through hearing it in concert, and some demos circulating through the net), and everything's actually pretty great! of all the songs i've heard (i've heard eight in total), i like pretty ones the best. so, hear that guys? i've heard this from several people too...it'd make a great first single! a great way to reintroduce the world to the goodness that is duran duran.

well, it seems as if duran duran are avoiding publicity. i've not seen the band do an actual interview (patty interviewing john doesn't count) since then. they also seem to be purposely keeping the fans in the dark about the new album. as of late, not a word has been spoken on the site about song titles, album titles, the sound...nothing. they should really consider overhauling their site and starting from scratch. the page doesn't take long to load or anything, it's just a little umm...busy. and there's so many things that simply are outdated. let's look at these things a little more closely:

  • music automatically loads up on EVERY page. not only is everything from pop trash, it gets to be a little annoying. i hope no one's surfing from work and forgets their speakers are on!
  • the polls section: asks what the next single from pop trash should be, how hollywood records is doing, etc.
  • discography: features only arcadia. if they can feature that, they should feature the power station. tony thompson and robert palmer may not be members of duran duran, but john and andy taylor are and it's only fair.
  • gallery: first of all, it says 4/1 on it (uh oh) and given that that's april first (or january fourth?), that says how outdated it is. it features more than enough pictures of wes, joe, and warren.
  • links: they need to take down the link to warren's site. it was up, then they took it down, probably because of its content. word has it that cyndi (the girl who runs it) threw a little hissy fit and they put it back up. given the nature of its content, and that duran duran are notorious for having younger fans, i don't think it should be up there at all.
  • biography: features an outdated look at duran duran. it only starts at 1980 and ends at 2001. all it mentions is that the original five have reconvened. and that they're meeting in june to write the album. no mention of them recording, nothing.
  • archive: it says "coming soon." it's been coming soon since the new version of the site was launched over a year ago! how long does it take to copy and paste older stuff from pages (what the original point of their archive page is beyond me) and voila, you have an archive page.
  • postcards: they've stuck the new picture of the fab five as the background, but the cards still feature the original eight pictures: stills from the someone else not me video.



    to sum this up, duranduran.com is outdated, and they need to hire someone who can devote all their time and energy to the website. it seems katy is being a little possessive and doesn't want to hire any fans to help at all. that's a little frustrating. what does she think we're going to do? besides, not everyone who works somewhere has met their boss. a duranduran.com webmaster could be just that for years and have never once met a single member of the band. that'd be fine with me. just because we'd expect to work for the band, doesn't mean we expect to practically live with them. or maybe that's just me.
    but back to the site. it is outdated, and can confuse people "just browsing" the site, who aren't real super fans. one minute, you see all five, the next minute, you see warren. it's enough to confuse someone, and probably frustrate them to. stick to one format and leave it like that. maybe with the release of the new album, we will see a revamping of their site. they did it for pop trash, so maybe they'll do it again. i for one would be ecstatic to see them really flex their muscles and not display such a half-assed attempt of a website. however, since the album isn't due for another 10 months or so, we have a long time going on this new site. a girl can dream, right?