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planet earth 
what a cheesy video! it features them dancing on a bottomless...thing. and then simon jumps off of it at the end. it also features tacky dancers and some facts running across the screen that might be useful if you're ever on jeopardy. but given it's their first video and the year (can you say shoestring budget?) it's good. too bad nick's hair looks atrocious.
careless memories 
another cheesy video. this is the first one to have a plot. planet earth just consisted of the band lip synching and playing their instruments. stills from the video were included in the original album's cover art, and when they're "performing," you can tell by the clothes that they also shot the cover at the same time too.
girls on film 
i don't mind the "safe-for-tv" (also known as the album version, or day version) of this video. but the night version (unedited) of this video is a bit much. i'll pass on the porno, please. but, i like the night version of the song better than the "day" version.
my own way 
this is my favourite of the two main versions of my own way. the album version is just too slow. why it was re-recorded i don't know. although given as to how many versions of each song and the rio album itself there are, who knows! the video is cute and colourful too, featuring birds, glitter, and dancers. i really think this set the tone as to how their future videos would be.
hungry like the wolf 
this marked the first duran duran video to be filmed in an exotic location. filmed in sri lanka, it features simon chasing this woman (or is it vice versa? hard to tell.) the only gross part is when the boy gets a rag soaked with water from the river and he kind of rinses of simon's face then he drinks it. eww...who knows what was in that water!
this is one of the first videos to be released that duran duran filmed in antigua. legend has it that the first day of filming was wasted completely due to everyone's (the crew, the band)...well everyone was throwing up the whole day. in retrospect, the band was pissed that their antony price silk suits got completely ruined. hell, i would've been too! but the video is cool.
save a prayer 
this is another video from sri lanka. this is such a pretty song, and a pretty video. it contains scenes from the lonely in your nightmare video. but of course, to the general public (in other words, if you don't own duran duran's first video release) you wouldn't know that. i love nick's pants and hair in this video.
night boat 
night boat was also filmed in antigua. it features the band's first time "acting" on video. it sort of reminds me of night of the living dead. and who can forget simon's reciting of shakespeare (i swear, he could recite a how-to manual and it would sound beautiful) and...nick's shoes!
lonely in your nightmare 
this video was also filmed in sri lanka. scenes from this were later used in save a prayer, most notably the scene where simon and the girl are dancing. you can tell the scene used in most of the video and the end close-ups were shot months apart, because of the change in john's and nick's hairdos.
the chauffeur 
ugh, what a dumb video! this is by far my least favourite video. it's stupid, pointless, and why did they waste their money making this! like lonely in your nightmare, this video did not surface until the release of duran duran's self titled video compilation in 1983.
is there something i should know 
this was the first time the band all wore the same outfits in a video, consisting of a blue shirt, white tie, and black pants. however, they all give it their personal touch with their hair. in this video, you can really see how tall john is and how short nick and andy are. those scenes were they're all standing together are kind of funny, because it's so obvious.
union of the snake 
this is a funky video. i really like how roger looked in this video. too bad he didn't keep his hair like this longer. you can see it again in the insert for the arena album.
new moon on monday 
now this video is different. there's a longer and a shorter version for this song. unlike girls on film, the shorter version wasn't edited to make it okay for tv, but just to make it where mtv would air it. it's not too often where you see seven minute videos on mtv. both versions are pretty cool, though. however, to grasp what the fuck the video is about, the fifteen minute version sheds some light. it still makes no sense, though.
the reflex 
the video for this is supposed to lead us to believe the song is being performed live. it consists of the band lip synching and performing to the remix of the song. you can also see it in arena.
the wild boys 
this video also has a long and short version. the long version is a mini movie, russell mulcahay's vision as to how the wild boys (the book) would've looked had it been made into a movie. duran duran wrote this song for that. the shorter one, like new moon on monday, was edited for time purposes. also, the windmill simon was strapped to got stuck whilst he was underwater. it wasn't serious though. but i think simon is being modest.
a view to a kill 
filmed in paris, scenes of the band were shot on the eiffel tower and threaded with clips of the movie to make it look like they were in the movie. everyone plays a part in the video. i love the part at the end where simon goes "bon, simon le bon." and it looks like andy had way too much fun killing nick, and john had waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun shooting those people.
some like it hot 
a funky video. robert palmer is dressed up like a priest, which is funny. it also animates the cover of the power station album.
get it on (bang a gong) 
the video is a lot like some like it hot, but features more of andy, john, and tony.
election day 
an interesting video. basically shows the band walking around, and mainly focuses on simon, nick, and some weird ass people.
the flame 
this video is roger-less as he had already left arcadia and duran duran, but includes a little cameo from john taylor. a bit of a spoof on old mystery films.
the promise 
shows simon and nick looking at a huge tv screen with various images on it, focusing on the theme of the song. nick has a cool jacket in it though.
doesn't feature arcadia in it at all, but it's better than the chauffeur. the way the video is shot reminds me a lot of all she wants is.
say the word 
this is just a compilation of arcadia videos with clips of the movie playing for keeps thrown in.
i do what i do 
features john in a movie theatre watching 9 weeks. features a lot of clips from the movie, nothing x-rated though. although it's kind of hard to tell what the plot of the movie is by watching this video.
the first video with only three of the original five members. you can see warren in the video, but only about as well as you can see the drummer. christy turlington, who is on the back cover of the notorious album, also appears in the video.
skin trade 
this is kind of a stupid video. it would've been okay had the colours and camera not gone so spastic, but they did, so it's kind of a nervous video. not for the epileptic. (no i'm not being funny, this video seriously gives me a headache.)
meet el presidente 
simply consists of the band performing this song, kind of like how they performed the reflex. it's a different version than the album version though. this is a better version, though. i tend to like the remixes better, but only for certain songs.
i don't want your love 
this is the beginning of the scary looking phase for duran duran. john looks nice as normal, although he was messed up on drugs and such. nick had that scary centre part kinda hairdo i hate so, and simon...simon's simon.
all she wants is 
now this video is dumb. it's better than the chauffeur, but then again watching paint dry is better than that. but they all look weird in the video (simon's hair!) and...well i hate the song anyway.
do you believe in shame 
an okay video. it doesn't make much sense to me, though. i feel kinda dense because i just got one part of the song, and then it all clicked. but the video still doesn't make much sense to me. and simon's hair is a huge mistake. so was nick's.
violence of summer (love's taking over) 
this video doesn't make sense to me, but it's okay. it just has a bunch of girls who you get to "meet" at the end, including, of course, china. we also get to really see warren for the first time on camera now that he's an official member, and sterling. what's up with the backward hats?
this video is better than violence...but not much. you can tell they were running out of ideas for videos, and probably didn't have as big of a budget as they used to, given as to how poorly the album sold (compared to its predecessors). what does a circus have to do with not being serious?
ordinary world 
an interesting video, showing a woman's wedding (the wedding album!! get it?!) and the band walking around and singing.
come undone
features the band singing in front of an aquarium, like the ones you'd see in a zoo. also shows a woman wrapped in cloths and chains inside the aquarium, and other scenes.

too much information 
live from their tour...although not really live. nick has lavender hair and john had bright red hair, so it all works out.
femme fatale 
kind of a boring video, it's in black and white. i honestly don't mind black and white videos, but...it seems all they do is drive around chasing this femme fatale.
white lines 
the band all dressed in black leather singing and walking around. it also features grandmaster flash and the furious five which i think is cool, since they originally did it.
perfect day 
this is a pretty video. it shows them performing in this box like stage. it's cool cuz there's lights all around nick's keyboard and the set. they're all barefoot and in suits - go figure!
out of my mind 
a spooky video. it's pretty weird. features the band in drag and dressed up in various costumes. it's pretty cool. definitely one of my favourite duran duran videos.
electric barbarella  the band buys an electric woman, staying true to the lyrics. they take her home and dress her up in...polyester! she waitresses at a nightclub, her battery gets low and she goes nuts. at home they change her battery and all goes back to normal.

someone else not me 
an animated video of sorts. it's pretty neat and reminds me of something the beatles would've done in their yellow submarine days.